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As a highly passionate web-graphic designer and front-end web designer with proficient knowledge in all areas of digital marketing, I have a proven track record of 8 years of providing quality works in designing and developing of great websites, print and online graphic contents, social media contents and marketing (SMO), search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and online advertising campaigns.

As everything goes online nowadays, digital marketing is one of the core area a business need a strong hand in. I can assure that competitive edge if you are truly looking for a great online presence of your business.


ISOLE Futuristic Training

View Website: www.isoletips.com

Success Point Training Solutions - UAE

View Website: www.mysuccesspoint.net

Finger Mark - Qatar

View Website: www.finger-mark.com

Butterfly Portal - UAE

View Website: www.butterflyportal.com

Samer Graphics

View Website: www.samergraphics.com

MAMO College

View Website: www.mamocollege.org

PXL India

View Website: www.pxlindia.com

Nexway Care

View Website: www.nexwaycare.com

Chip Qatar

View Website: www.chipqatar.com

United Fried Chicken

View Website: www.unitedfriedchicken.com

Able Group Qatar

View Website: www.ablegroupqatar.com

Delta Vision Jeddah

View Website: www.deltavisionjeddah.com

Bait Al Ahlam Realestate UAE

View Website: www.baitalahlamrealestateuae.com

SKAB Companies

View Website: www.skabcompanies.com

Green Curve UAE

View Website: www.gcurve-uae.com

Green Curve UAE

View Website: www.gcurve-uae.com


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Career History

Professional History
1. IMPERIAL Training and Consulting (Qatar) - Apr 2013 - Oct 2014. (Workign at Home).
2. Butterfly Portal, Calicut (Dubai) - Aug 2008 - May2011 & Jan 2012 - 2013.
3. Signroots Technologies, Trichur – India - May 2011- Dec 2011.
4. Green Lemon : Internet Marketing & Web Design Company Kerala, India - May 2006-Aug 2008
Academic History:
- MAMO College - Manassery (B. Come Degree)
- Auriga Multimedia - Calicut (Advanced Diploma in Multimedia)
- Chaliyappuram UP School - Edavannappara.
- SKUP School - South Kodiyathur.
- PTMHS School - Kodiyathur.
- CMRHS School - Chennamangallur

Contact Me

Kizhakkey Parambil (H)
Cheeckode (P.O), Edavannappara
673645 (Pin)
Malappuram, Kerala - India

Mob: 0504283441 (UAE), +9946486262 (India)
Email: xlfazal@gmail.com
Web: www.xlcreations.com

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